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skatestar_icons's Journal

Skate Star Icons
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome To Skate Star Icons!

Skate Star Icons is a community for all those figure skating fans out there who are also obsessed with making icons.

Skate Star Icons is an open community but there are rules that must be followed. If the rules are not followed you will be immediately banned from the community.


1. No Bashing We all have our opinions on favorite skaters. If you do not like the skater/skaters that a member posts icons of simply do not take the icons. Icons of any skater are allowed

2. No Stealing Those of us who make icons work hard on them. If you take an icon made by one of the Skate Star Icons members CREDIT them

3. Requests are only allowed if a post is made by a member taking requests. As the maintainer I will be doing this every so often. Any member is allowed to take requests at any time, but a member can not make a post that is requesting an icon to be made.

4. However, if you are making an icon and have a question for someone who knows more about Paint Shop of photo shop than you do. You may make a post asking your question.

5. Always comment when taking someones icons

6. Members may add their own rules for their icons when they post them

7. Posting of Backgrounds and Layouts you have made are also allowed

8. Again, credit is a MUST

If you break these rules at anytime you will be immediately banned from the community.

If you have any other questions please contact the maintainer kiwikat1227

Thank you and happy icon posting!