a tearstained letter signed xoxo, Anna. (fempas) wrote in skatestar_icons,
a tearstained letter signed xoxo, Anna.

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I had some free time ;)

I finally found some time and saw sasha had some good glam shots on her site. Here are some of sasha. I'm working my way around and like I said before, got any requests then just let me know. I'll be pretty busy, and now is the time to ask!

Just before I post the icons, let me say, if you take please credit me. I worked pretty hard and long on these. On another note, i've noticed that in other communties where I post icons, people manip icons of mine. Well, I can tell from the way I cropped the pics if they were mine or not. Seriously, I have no prob at all making icons, but don't try to be a jerk and get around not crediting me. If I see that is going on I will watermark the ones I post and you will personally have to contact me in obtaining the ones without watermarks. Please. I really don't feel like watermarking, so be nice, and credit. ;) Thanks. Anna

Also, I will keep these on my server until I make new ones. So if you take, save to your own comp so I dont have to create like a gazillion hosting names. thanks.

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