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This is for anyone who lives in the Arizona area and are planning to attend Stars On Ice at the TCC Arena:

I want to inform everyone that NO CAMERAS digital or otherwise will be allowed. This includes cell phones that have cameras as well as binoculars with cameras and any type of camcorders. There are No Exceptions to this rule. If you bring a camera and we catch you with it, it will be confiscated. If you refuse, security will escort you out of the arena to where you will be forced to delete the images while we are watching and then turn over the camera if it is digital. If it is a disposable, the camera will be destroyed, if it is a regular one, all film inside the camera will be destroyed and the camera will have to be turned in to administration. All camcorders and cell phones will be confiscated and given back at the end of the show. No Exceptions.

This is at the request of Stars On Ice.. not TCC.

I am sure no one wants to miss the show nor go through all the hassle if they get caught with a camera. If anyone is going or knows someone who is, Please inform them of this rule. It would make my job a whole lot easier. (It may be great exercise, but running up and down the arena stairs because people like to break the rules is not my idea of fun.)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the show.
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